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About Us

IST is an electronics and materials firm located in Toledo, Ohio. IST is a family owned and operated entity. Since IST is based in the United States, we offer competent customer support, in a timely manner. Our support staff is well trained, and will go the extra mile to help resolve any technical issues of concern. IST has manufactured and produced large infrared touch screens for over 10 years.

The ISTTOUCH©42, introduced in 1997 was the first infrared touch screen to break the 42" size barrier. This product was designed and manufactured for the PDP 4201, the first commercial 42" plasma display manufactured by Fujitsu. In short succession, the ISTTOUCH family of IR touch screens was expanded for other early plasma displays including the Pioneer 40" and 50", and the Hitachi 37" displays. ISTTOUCH screens have been specified for national retail launches and for single digital signage applications.

ISTTOUCH family of IR touch screens has grown to support over 150 different display models. Our product line has expanded from plasma to include all major display technologies, including rear-projection, CRT, and LCD. ISTTOUCH systems support most major commercial display brands, with delivery within 2 days. Custom designs can be delivered in approximately 4 weeks or less.

ISTTOUCH is 1ST in quality, 1ST in in selection, and 1ST in service.

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